Unrecorded Siege Kickstarter Pledge

Unrecorded Siege Kickstarter Pledge

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Unrecorded Siege is a single or co-operative strategy game set in the 15th Century, at the corner of the famous Hundred years war. Each player takes on the role of a General, controlling different types of units to win glory and the battle.

While playing in a 3*4 tiles battleground, players are acting as either French (Attacker) or English (Defender) generals, who will execute their military tactics with unique sets of armies, in assigning tactical formations for winning tactical positions, resources, siege weapons, and finally, the battle.

The game is conducted in 4 rounds with several phases in each round. In these phases, players will obtain their unique heroes, armies, and strategic cards. They will assign these heroes, along with the units in different locations for making an advantage in winning or cheating their opponent. After everything is set, players will alternatingly activate armies’ skills in making an influence in the battle. Through eliminating, suppressing, flicking, and deforming opponent’s formation, players will conclude the battle result by simply counting who has more units surviving and conquering these areas. After claiming resources (woods, rocks or alchemies mass) as a new landlord, players are granted the right to build tactical siege weapons (e.g. catapults, siege ram or watchtowers) on their lands for advanced tactical moves in the next round.

After fighting for 4 rounds, a final battle result will be out – either French conquering the English land, or the English successfully safeguarding their place.