No Regret Games - Frequently Asked Questions


What is No Regret Games?

No Regret Games is where you can pick up Kickstarter Games that you weren’t able to get on the first pass. Think of us as your second chance at the Kickstarter games you missed. We know that there are great new games coming to Kickstarter every day, and it’s impossible for one person’s wallet to keep up with all of them. So we offer you the chance to pick them up after the dust has settled. 



Short answer, it’s our personal crusade to fight Kickstarter Regret. 

Long answer, as avid Kickstarter backers, we’re well aware of how real both FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and Kickstarter Regret can be, and this is our way of helping you fight that regret. We know that it’s simply not reasonable to back every single KS that comes your way within the project’s limited pledge period. After all, you’ve got bills, kids, cars, houses, and a thousand other things to deal with. In short…life sometimes gets in the way of your desire to pledge for every game you want. We’ve been there. We feel you.


What kind of games do you carry? 

Primarily, we carry games that contain Kickstarter Exclusive components. We do carry a small selection of games that you’d find at other retail outlets or your FLGS, but we focus mostly on KS-exclusive games. Our goal is to provide you the opportunity to pick up these hard to find games after they’ve left Kickstarter.  


Do you carry large quantities of the games you offer?

Currently, no. We carry a very limited number of each item, usually no more than 2-3 of each item (sometimes, we’re only able to stock a single copy). So just because you see something in stock today, doesn’t mean it’ll be there tomorrow.


Where do you ship from?

We're located in Pittsburgh, PA (zip code 15228).

How does this whole thing work?

We offer you the opportunity to purchase games that are currently available, or pre-order those that haven’t yet been released. We back the Kickstarter campaigns and take the risk of tying up our money, so you don’t have to tie up yours. What makes No Regret Games unique is that we also offer a payment plan, to help keep your wallet intact (and your significant other happy).


What kind of payment plans do you offer?

Currently, we offer a single payment plan: 50% down at the time of purchase and 50% due within 60 days of initial payment. We’re looking into offering additional plans in the future, to spread the payment out over longer duration. Interested in learning more or want to suggest a specific type of payment plan? Email us at


How do I sign up for a plan?

In the your shopping cart, at the checkout screen, simply select the blue button that reads "payment plan available." ( is our partner that allows us to offer the payment plans.) You will then be prompted to set up your account and agree to the terms of the payment plan.


If I opt for a payment plan, can I pay off the balance early?

Absolutely. You can pay the remaining balance any time within 60 days.


Is a payment plan more expensive than buying outright?

Yes, slightly. There are fees associated with collecting multiple payments and we do pass those on. This equates to roughly 5-8% of the transaction price.


Will you ship a game before it’s completely paid for?

A fine question, and we commend you for asking. But alas, no. All balances must be paid in full before a game will be shipped out.


What happens if I miss a payment?

We commandeer your Boardgamegeek account and liquidate all your games in lieu of payment.

Just kidding.

We try to send a reminder notification a few days before your payment is due (but we can’t guarantee this will always happen, knowing the payment dates is your responsibility as the purchaser). We offer a seven-day grace period for late payments. However, if that grace period passes without payment being remitted, we reserve the right to cancel your order and re-list the item. We don’t like to do this and we’ll work with you to ensure we don’t have to. See our full Terms & Conditions for details.

What’s the difference between a purchase and a pre-order? 

A game for “purchase” is one that we have in stock, and we’ll ship to you immediately. A game that’s listed as “pre-order” is one that we’re awaiting from Kickstarter. We will ship this as soon as we receive it from the publisher (usually within 1-3 business days of receiving).

Can I cancel my order for a refund?

Absolutely. If you’ve pre-ordered a game and decide you want to cancel before it ships, we’ll refund you, no questions asked. The only exception to this is if you've requested us to pre-order a special item for you. A special item is something we do not normally carry, an item that you've requested as to add on to a Kickstarter pledge or through a pledge manager, etc. Once these have been ordered, they are non-refundable. 

Please note, per the Paypal update of May 7, 2019, the fees for Paypal transactions will no longer be refunded. See our full returns and refunds information. 

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