About Us

Who we are

No Regret Games is mostly just me, Matt Snodgrass (though I do drag my wife in to help every now and again, when shipping gets crazy). I'm a marketing director by day and a gaming enthusiast— well, all the time. After backing my first Kickstarter project in early 2012 (D-Day Dice), I began a love affair with KS that's still going strong to this day. 

It was after repeatedly seeing comments like these:

My issue is I just can’t back every game on Kickstarter. If a game slips by or I misjudged it I don’t want to feel like I have an incomplete game when I support it at retail.

Too many gamers get left out by KS. It's great for those people who would never be able to get a game out otherwise but KS is a major kick to the crotch for every gamer in the hobby who isn't rolling in money.


...that I decided there had to be a way to help get more of these games to the people who want them. Thus, No Regret Games was born. 

What we do

We provide you a second chance to get the Kickstarter games you may have missed on the first go-round. We focus primarily on KS-exclusive titles, but we carry all kinds of games.

In other words, we help you avoid the dreaded Kickstarter Regret by backing the games early, so you can pick them up later.

What's Kickstarter Regret?

Every month, dozens of amazing new games come to Kickstarter, just waiting to be pledged. But, with a limited budget, what's one to do? It's often impossible to back every game you'd like. 

Kickstarter Regret is the totally made up (but still sometimes painful) result of not being able to pledge for all the games you want to back. It's that feeling that you have to choose one game over another and that you're being forced to leave some behind.

But good news: this condition is fully preventable and No Regret Games is committed to helping!