The North: Provenance
The North: Provenance
The North: Provenance
The North: Provenance

The North: Provenance

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Return to The North in The North: Provenance.

The North: Provenance is one part expansion (for those who already own The North) and one part second edition (for those who do not own a copy of The North).

While the content of the original The North has remained unchanged, The North: Provenance offers new game content and experiences for fans of The North.

12 new Ancients (3 copies of each) and 3 new Facilities with new Protocol abilities have been added to the game. While the game can still be played with just the original 48 Ancients, the new Ancients in The North: Provenance allow for over 1,600 different initial deck setups, increasing replayability.

The North: Provenance includes:

  • The content included in The North (48 Ancients, 2 Nodes, and Reference/Scoring cards)
  • The Tower Array Expansion (16 Ancients)
  • 36 new Ancients (featuring 3 new Facilities)
  • 2 Ancient/Facility Reference Cards
  • Rules
  • Upgraded gold foil-embossed box (big enough for sleeves)


Description:You know the cold, it's in your blood. But this place, you don’t belong here, not yet. The snow and metal of a world the Ancestors only dreamed of lays in ruin, becoming the nightmare they warned of and not the utopia they had planned for. But not all is lost. You can reprogram this place, and restart systems under your protocols. Across the tundra, someone else has awakened, and they plan to do the same.

The North is a 60 card combo building game utilizing multi-use cards, deck building, and hand management. By encountering, capturing, and reprogramming Ancients in the Wastes, building Facilities, and powering up their Nodes, players unlock the secrets of The North, diminishing the other player's points a variety of ways and accumulating points at the end of the game for the cards they acquired and used. The game utilizes an easy to grasp action system and Ancient cards that can be used a variety of ways. With variable starting cards, no two games of The North are ever quite the same



Last year, Small Box Games released The North after a successful Kickstarter project. This year, SBG is proud to present The North: Provenance.   The North: Provenance is one part Second Edition, and one part expansion for people who already own and enjoy The North. 

The North: Provenance includes the original content for The North (a 60 card, combo building game for two players utilizing multi-use cards, deck building, and hand management.)  And introduces 48 expansion Ancient and Facility cards (16 unique Ancients/4 Unique Facilities), increasing the starting deck variability to over 1,600 different combinations.  It also includes printed rules and a custom box big enough to house the cards sleeved.

The North: Provenance is illustrated by Aaron Nakahara, designed by John Clowdus, & published by Small Box Games.



The North: Provenance was completely designed as a two player game.  However, while designing and playing the game, I realized it would be fairly easy  to include a solo mode.  I didn’t want to get people overly excited about solo play, or market this game as a one-two player game, because  that’s not the focus of the design.  It’s a two player game.  However,  you can play it solo with solo mode rules.

But just to say it one more time.  The North: Provenance is a two player game.   It has a playable solo mode, but you’ll get the most out of the game with a physical opponent.