Spire's End

Spire's End

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Spire's End includes the core game and all stretch goals. 


Description:  Spire's End is a solo and cooperative card game with enemy encounters, interactive story-driven scenarios, and high-end art & design. It's a unique gaming experience without a lot of baggage. Simple set-up, intuitive rules, and minimal components. No DM, no bookkeeping or character sheet. Just you, an oversized deck of cards, dice and cube markers.

I am trying to harness my childhood entertainment, raw, analog and unknown. My influences include a wide range of childhood nostalgia like ’70s D&D, Planet of the Apes, The Time Machine and Land of the Lost. There are hints of Zork, Monkey Island, and ’80s-’90s fanzines.

It should feel like something tucked away in the closet for decades that you just discovered. Admittedly with some modern aesthetics…, we will pretend it’s ahead of its time.

It's the grisly tale of a strange tower that emerges in the heart of a bustling Viking city. The townsfolk have vanished. It’s up to you to mount a rescue and unravel the mystery at any cost.

You move through the game like a book. But in this case, it's a stack of ominous cards. Flip them over, make difficult choices and let the story unfold. You have 6 adventurers (6 chances) to face the countless dangers of the spire. The core gameplay mechanics revolve around combat.

To perform actions & attacks it will cost characters hit points. Every action is a risk. To execute stronger attacks you will need to spend more hit points. This makes for tense, close, ruthless battles. Higher risk garners greater rewards, but at a higher cost. Choose your actions carefully!

This is a Six-Chapter adventure, each of which includes a major encounter, loot, choices, dice events and a lot of surprises! This is intended to be the first half of a much larger Twelve-Chapter story.