SHASN Presidential Edition
SHASN Presidential Edition
SHASN Presidential Edition
SHASN Presidential Edition

SHASN Presidential Edition

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SHASN Presidential Edition includes:
  • Kickstarter Edition of SHASN
  • USA 2020 Campaign
  • India 2020 Campaign
  • Earth 2040 Campaign
  • Rome 40 BCE Campaign
  • All Stretch Goals

Note: this is a pre-order. SHASN is slated for a June 2020 delivery. 

Description: SHASN is a multiplayer strategy board game where every player takes on the role of a politician in the midst of a political campaign. With each turn, players must draw a card and take stands on divisive and urgent political issues.These choices will help them gather resources to influence voters or purchase strategic powers. Players can build diverse Ideologies with every policy decision, to best reflect their beliefs and play style. Building a single political ideology will allow them to unlock powers that can help cement their own positions or destabilize opponents. As they progress in the game, players must choose between sticking to their ideals or molding them as per their needs. In a game of trading, coercion, and strategy, players must do whatever it takes to survive and dominate.

The map is split into 9 zones with each zone having a different voter-count required to form a majority. The player with the highest majority votes - when all majorities are formed - wins the game. To influence voters, players will need unique combinations of the four resources at their disposal - (campaign) Funds, Media (attention), (public)Trust and (street) Clout. At the start of their turn, players must respond to the political dilemma they are faced with - each question has two answers to pick from. The players must try and gauge the ideological bent of each answer, the resources it would grant them and answer accordingly. At the same time, they must try to build a cohesive manifesto to unlock huge powers.
For instance - giving pro-industry answers will yield Funds, and having 4 Funds answers in your manifesto will allow you to trade resources with the bank. Similarly, building a manifesto with 4 Media answers will allow you to reach out to influence even more voters for the same cost.

Players must constantly juggle with the trade-off of giving answers that grant them the resources they need in that moment or investing in the long term with answers that strengthen their Ideologies to unlock greater combos later in the game.

Players must also navigate the effects of Headlines (triggered by placing votes in volatile zones) and Conspiracy Cards (which can be purchased at any time in the game), providing them with a wide toolset to seize power or throw a spanner in the works for a rival.

SHASN boasts of having no hard RNGs and uses deliberate choice as the core resource gathering and power-building mechanic. As much of the game hinges on political negotiation between players, the gameplay is often aggressive, action-packed and laden with long-term strategy building.

Area control meets resource management meets social strategy in this high-octane simulation of real world politics.

As a politician campaigning for the future, you will have to make hard choices every step of the way. Clinch policies. Get voters chanting your name at the polls. Spread and solidify your influence. Unhinge your enemies and let slip the dogs of war.

Strategize. Scheme. Dominate. Prevail. (And don’t forget to watch your back.)

Your copy of SHASN comes with all of these high-quality components inside the box.  


“If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?”

At the start of every turn, you will be asked an urgent policy question by the player before you. Choose between two answers that yield different resources. The only catch - these resources will be hidden. 

Will you stay true to your beliefs? Or will you swim with the tide that pushes you ahead? 

Get the essential SHASN experience with the USA 2020 Campaign and the India 2020 Campaign to fully immerse yourself in the politics of the two nations. The world’s largest democracy, and the most powerful, are yours for the taking. 

Bionic technology, climate crises, the rise of intelligent machines - jump into the future that awaits us. Created in association with 64bar1, The Future of Humanity - Earth 2040 Campaign explores a new era of social, political, and economic evolution. This high-tech simulation of our planet poses staggering questions about the future of humanity. Are you prepared to answer them?