Sea of Legends All-In Pledge
Sea of Legends All-In Pledge

Sea of Legends All-In Pledge

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Sea of Legends All-In Pledge includes:

  • Core Game
  • The Dread Tide Expansion
  • The Children of Tlaloc Expansion
  • The British Empire Expansion
  • The Atlanteans Expansion
  • The Ordo Nocturnus Expansion
  • The Aztec Reawakening Expansion
  • The Sea's Fury Expansion
  • The Harpy's Descent Expansion
  • All Stretch Goals
  • Neoprene Mat
  • Metal Coins

Please note: this is a pre-order. Sea of Legends is slated for a Feb 2021 delivery.

Description:  Sea of Legends is a narrative-driven, open-world tabletop game for 1-4 players. Swashbuckle and swindle your way to victory as one of four unique captains. Raid ports, bury treasure, fall in love, and defeat your nemesis, as you compete to become the most legendary pirate on the open sea.

Your decisions will make waves throughout the Caribbean as each player takes part in shared adventures woven together by our companion app. Choose wisely. In Sea of Legends, the fickle winds of fate can fill your sails or turn against you at any moment. Navigate the shifting tides as you pursue multiple paths to victory and forge your own tale.

Will you answer the call to adventure? The sea awaits.