Hunted: Mining Colony 451
Hunted: Mining Colony 451
Hunted: Mining Colony 451
Hunted: Mining Colony 451

Hunted: Mining Colony 451

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Hunted: Mining Colony 451 includes all flash funding and Kickstarter-exclusive stretch goals!

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Note: this is a pre-order. Hunted is slated for a January 2021 delivery.

Description: You were on your way back to earth after a year-long mission when a distress beacon abruptly roused you from hypersleep. The message was mostly static, but it was obvious that something terrible was happening at Mining Colony 415.

Once you and your crew landed and started looking around, unidentified lifeforms started wreaking havoc. During the chaos, everyone got split up and you don’t know if anyone is alive or dead. Even Sprinkles, the ship’s cat, is missing.

You just heard over the colony’s announcement system that the self-destruct protocol has been activated, so you’ll have to race back to Landing Pad 7 to get aboard your ship and get out of there before everything explodes… and you’ll have to do it while being hunted by the aliens.

Hunted: Mining Colony 415 is a fast-paced solo game that constantly presents you with tense choices. All the cards are multi-use forcing you to make quick decisions about which ones to discard and which ones to activate. You'll have to balance running, fighting, and hiding if you want to get off the planet alive.

This game in the Hunted series uses a dexterity mechanic to resolve events and combat.



Hunted is a series of solo games in which you’re on the run from an overwhelming force that’s trying to take you out.

You’ll push your luck drawing cards trying to get the actions you need to find weapons, items, and new locations as you try to escape.

But be careful. If you make too much noise, they’ll find you…

Each game in the series will have the same core card play mechanism but a completely different combat system and style of play.


In Hunted: Kobayashi Tower, you’ll have to work your way through a massive skyscraper in order to rescue your wife who’s been taken hostage by terrorists. This game in the series uses dice-rolling as its core mechanism.

And in Hunted: Mining Colony 415, you’ll have to fend off blood-thirsty aliens and get back to your spaceship before the colony self destructs. This game in the series uses dexterity as its core mechanism.

While the core card play mechanism is the same for both games, they have completely different combat systems, event systems, and thematic elements.