Graphic Novel Adventures (set of five books with slipcase)
Graphic Novel Adventures (set of five books with slipcase)

Graphic Novel Adventures (set of five books with slipcase)

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The Ultimate Solitaire Game Experience

Complete set of all five (5) of Van Ryder Games' graphic novel adventures (note: we do have individual copies of books, please contact us for more information). These are an amazing combination of RPG, Choose Your Own Adventure(tm), and comic book. These books are an incredible Solitaire experience. And they are accessible even to those of you that don't normally play games solo.


  • Zero setup time. Open the book and begin playing. Start and stop at will, play time is whatever you want it to be.
  • They tell a cohesive and engaging story.
  • They include puzzles, riddles, hidden numbers, and other challenges that will test you at every step.
  • "I need a game to play on an airplane tray table" - you cannot imagine how often we hear this from the solo community. Look no further!
  • The books feature a variety of themes and story lines each with different rules and gameplay twists on the core system.
  • Ok  I'll throw my personal opinion in here. This is the BEST game book experience I have EVER had and it is hard for me to imagine going back to text based game books after this. And I've played all the greats like CYOA, Lone Wolf, Fighting Fantasy, Sorcery!, and more.

Still not convinced? Let's take a peek inside... 

Looking at your character sheet, you'll decide how to split your 20 skill points between Strength, Dexterity, and Will. As you experience the book and fail the first few times, you will learn what configurations might be better than others. 


Now that you are ready let's skip to the end of the intro...

Aha! Your first choice!
Aha! Your first choice!

Which way will you go to start your adventure?

The rest of the frames in the book from this point forward have choices of where to go and what to do. You'll encounter foes, puzzles, traps, riddles, and much, much more! You'll need to hurry as time is tracked as you go... Don't move too fast though! You don't want to miss spotting a hidden number that could be critical to your objective... 

Can YOU spot the hidden number in the frame below? (Don't worry, the below frame is from the intro and is modified. This is not an actual hidden number in the book - as to not spoil anything)

Ok this one was simple, the real thing won't be so easy!
Ok this one was simple, the real thing won't be so easy!

If this was real and not just a made up example, you would flip to frame 27 and perhaps discover the villain was holding something important in his hand. 

I can tell you want MORE! Let's look at the other four in the set, shall we?

The sacred sprouts known as "the tears of Nuwa" have been stolen by three thieves. You are a bounty hunter hired to track them down and return the sprouts before the apocalypse is unleashed! And make a bit of money in the process...

You'll choose your primary skill... are you a master burglar? A master of disguise? Or proficient with thrown weapons? Choose one and grab your deadly poisons because adventure awaits!


Here is the map of the city you'll see when you start your adventure. Which district will you visit first? With book in hand you will simply turn to the frame where you want to go!

 Will you find the Goddess' Tears and save the world?

 If you don't know what Loup Garou means, here's a hint...

Yep, it means Werewolf (it's French). You've been bitten and you are now a young werewolf. You'll have to learn to control your powers if you are going to find your master and solve the mysterious events going on in the town of Whitehorn. You'll choose your profession and, using the skill tree, gain new abilities as you level up throughout the game!

There is a lot of info here, don't strain your eyes trying to read it! We will cover it in more detail in a project update.
There is a lot of info here, don't strain your eyes trying to read it! We will cover it in more detail in a project update.

Loup Garou features combat!  You will fight monsters, creatures, human enemies and other foes! Like this Ghoul! (frame number and info removed as to not spoil anything)

 Defeat your foes to gain valuable Experience Points (XP) and Loot!

Ever wondered what it was like to be the mayor of a small town in the wild west? Well here's your chance to find out...

No one said it was gonna be easy though! You'll build buildings on a map to earn income, create jobs, attract new citizens, and gain a whole host of other benefits (and sometimes consequences) to help you manage the critical aspects of town! 


Your Town is the most complex of the 5 books and will take tons of smarts. Can you manage the town as a successful mayor? Or will you fail yourself and the townspeople who are depending on you?

It will take every bit of intuition and deductive reasoning you can muster to solve the cases in this one! 

Choose to play as Dr. John Watson or as Sherlock himself. The unique system allows you to play over and over without learning the solutions of each case until you have successfully solved them. But will you be able to ignore your curiosity and play through it again without looking at the solutions?

You'll question many suspects along the way... but will you ask the right questions? Will your observation skills be up to the task? (Don't worry! The frame below has been modified and all text changed as to not spoil anything)

Use your instincts, your intuition, and most of all - your brains, to solve the Four Investigations!