Enigma Box Arcanum Deluxe Edition
Enigma Box Arcanum Deluxe Edition
Enigma Box Arcanum Deluxe Edition
Enigma Box Arcanum Deluxe Edition

Enigma Box Arcanum Deluxe Edition

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The perfect pandemic adventure, the Enigma Box is a world-spanning puzzle, accessible from the comfort of your own house. Part board game, part escape room, part puzzle, this challenging campaign is based on historical events and is full of enigmas and mysteries that will test your wits. We call on all adventurers, gamers, mystery-seekers, puzzle-solvers, and curious minds to immerse themselves in one of the biggest collection of enigmas ever. Using the most advanced technology you will travel to incredible locations around the world without ever leaving your house.

Enigma Box Deluxe (vol.1) – "Arcanum," registered as a Deluxe box and numbered. Includes the complete Enigma Box (vol. 1) plus additional content:

- Metaphysical and alchemical figures (3D)
- VR glasses
- Historical documents
- Jules Verne Secret Experience (exclusive VR space, fragment of Jules Verne’s book dated back to 1879 with riddle, etc.)
- Enigma Maze
- Additional riddles
- Previously unseen 360º scenes and augmented reality via mobile app
- Unpublished images and photographs from the box’s discovery and opening
- Jules Verne Tomb 3D file
- Access to our Escape Room Online


Please note: this is a pre-order. Enigma box is slated for a December 2020 release.  


The objective is to find the “Arcanum Arcanorum,” the Secret of Secrets, hidden in a specific place in the world and kept there by powerful groups and secret societies.

To locate this object, you must use the Enigma Box (vol. 1), which contains the documents, maps, riddles and materials you will need to uncover the secret. You will need to apply your ingenuity and investigative skills to advance in this adventure, either on your own or with companions who may join you in your quest. You will also make use of the most advanced technology in the fields of virtual and augmented reality.


For those seeking even greater prestige and fame or who wish to deepen their knowledge with exclusive information, we have designed the limited edition Enigma Box "Arcanum" Deluxe package. No more than 1033 units will be available!

The Enigma Box "Arcanum" Deluxe package contains the same elements as the original box plus several additions:

  •  Welcome card and membership card. 
  •  Advanced Riddles
    • Exclusive Alchemy Riddle
    • Labyrinth with Advanced Content
    • A 3-phase Circular Cryptogram

 Virtual reality (VR) glasses.  Each unlocked set of coordinates will allow you to access a specific place where you can investigate different scenarios. When using your (optional) VR glasses or computer, you will be transported there with 360º vision, allowing you to look all around for clues and riddles to move the adventure along.

IMPORTANT: Do I need to put on my virtual reality glasses? No, the glasses are optional , You can view the same content from your mobile phone (or computer) by moving into the same virtual environment.

 Metaphysical and alchemical figures (3D). A series of figures will assist you with the challenges. Some of them depict alchemical figures with symbols you must align, while others contain helpful historical references, but they all serve a purpose that you must discover.

 Historical documents. Unpublished images and photographs from the discovery of the box and its opening.

Exclusive Deluxe Content

Jules Verne’s Secret." This scenario includes a treasure trove of exclusive content:

  •  Physical fragment of Jules Verne’s book dated back to 1879 with an accompanying riddle.
  • Cryptogram-based riddle created by Jules Verne.
  •  360° virtual environment of Jules Verne’s office. You will have the opportunity to investigate Jules Verne's office in a virtual environment where you will find secret compartments, documents, and more! 
  • Virtual object in augmented reality based on the novel From Earth to the Moon. 
  •  Scan file of Jules Verne’s tomb to investigate or print in 3D. 

We want to thank our backers for their support when we reach specific goals, so we will establish a system for unlocking new challenges, pieces, riddles, and 360º virtual spaces. This will enhance the experience and add a new dynamic to the game.