Beyond Humanity: Colonies
Beyond Humanity: Colonies

Beyond Humanity: Colonies

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Beyond Humanity: Colonies is an absolutely huge undertaking and, as such, will be limited to being Kickstarter Exclusive. We were only able secure one single copy.

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Note: this is a pre-order. Beyond Humanity is slated for a Q2 2021 delivery.


 Description: A new landmark in hybrid gaming. The unprecedented combination of a board game with electronic miniatures and an accompanying application significantly facilitates players' experience of building a colony on an alien planet. Smart cards are "read" by RFID technology built into miniatures buildings that emit light to communicate status with the players. The colony “board” connects wirelessly with the application on your smartphone or tablet, presenting information of the statuses of both residents and the colonies. The game is a mix of realistic Hard-SF combined with transhumanism and cyberpunk. Hack the democracy of the new social order, explore the unknown planets, decide on the direction of the colony's development.


Beyond Humanity: Colonies is a hybrid, semi-cooperative board game for 1 to 5 players. You will be building and expanding a human colony on an alien planet. You will experience a new milestone in the fusion of classic board game design, inventive electronic modules, and its companion app.

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In Beyond Humanity: Colonies, players take on the roles of managers of a new settlement built on a distant exoplanet by refugees from a future Earth that is polluted and overpopulated. As a manager, you will propose and vote on new modules to be built, introduce decrees to define the culture and functionality of the colony, carry out planetary exploration and research to obtain valuable artifacts, gather resources, and gain public support from the colonists.

This is a semi-cooperative game, which means you will have to cooperate to keep the colony operational and self-sufficient, while at the same time competing to gain influence and make decisions on the direction of the colony's development based on your individual victory goals. If the colony fails, you all lose, but if it succeeds, there will only be one true winner.

Beyond Humanity: Colonies is a hybrid board game like you've never seen before: it is an unprecedented combination of a traditional board game combined with electronic miniatures that are supported by a linked app.

As board game enthusiasts, our team believes that an app should never take the player's attention away from the board. As engineers and designers, we fought to change the way software is used and can be a part of an exciting tabletop experience.

During the game, the app serves as a self-operating data slate that enhances the classic and traditional board game experience. It displays the status of the colony and its citizens and does not require any interaction asides from clicking “next” at the end of turn. Instead, the game gathers information about your actions on its own! Thanks to the CPU built into the central piece of the game, the app recognizes when the new buildings are connected to it and it can recognize smart cards with the RFID technology built into modules. The miniature buildings will communicate their status with you by flashing lights of different colors. The application on your smartphone or tablet is connected wirelessly to the colony itself and will display all the important information like the current resource statuses and the status of the residents.

On top of it all, hidden behind the scenes, there is a neural network implemented that simulates moods, opinions, and the current feelings of thousands of virtual citizens.

The purpose of putting all this tech into this board game is that it does the complex calculations for you, so you can fully focus on what happens above the table - convincing other players to assist your vision of the colonies future and the race for the upcoming presidential election of this newly born colony!

Thanks to many suggestions and feedback, all the cards and module tiles will be made color-blind-friendly by adding special icons, so any part of the game will no longer be color coded only.

There are three important aspects you will be able to experience:

Multiple modes:

Endless replayability:

  • 5 difficulty levels
  • 9 unique Managers to choose from
  • 34 private and common goals
  • Over 500 monthly occurrences
  • 700 000 exoplanets to visit

Branching Metagame:

  • Search for new planets between your games
  • After winning a game, gain Auxiliary Fleets that can be used to colonize more challenging planets
  • Outcome of your game is a part of global supply market, that affects the prices of the resources imported in forthcoming games
  • Planned after release: your actions affect every player, not just those sitting around your table!

The game design is complex enough, so there is no need to complicate the campaign. We decided not to cut the game into pieces in order to make expansions or partial pledges. There is only one basic pledge with one game box, and there is only one game box configuration that you can get.

You will then get the core box, which is the complete game - and this is what you will receive:

In Beyond Humanity: Colonies we've strived to make the game feel like a regular board game, where players focus on the gameplay:

  • Collecting goods and using various effect cards
  • Negotiating and making votes
  • Planning future decisions
  • Choosing whether to focus on the Colony or personal goals
  • Forming and breaking alliances
  • Searching for artifacts

At the same time, the game CPU along with the companion app will calculate different variables and run the colony simulation, including up to 15,000 individual citizens. Players won't need to worry about this aspect, as the current status of the colony, resources, and population will always be visible on the screen. Other than that, the only time players must interact with an app - is when they press the 'next' button at the end of turn.

If you manage to survive long enough, or your Colony will grow over required limits, the game ends successfully and you will feel like winners. Then compare your victory points and you will discover who has won the game individually.

The main semi-coop mode is completed, but there will also be a fully cooperative mode, as well as a solo mode. A semi-coop (“campaign mode” as we call it) is already balanced and tested. For more info on other modes, please visit our social media and sign up for our newsletter on our website.