Beyond Humanity: Colonies Kickstarter Exclusive Pledge

Beyond Humanity: Colonies Kickstarter Exclusive Pledge

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The Kickstarter-exclusive Beyond Humanity: Colonies pledge includes the core game plus all stretch goals.  We were only able to secure one copy of this game so supplies are extremely limited!

Note: this is a pre-order. Beyond Humanity is slated for a September 2020 delivery but this may be delayed due to the global pandemic. 

Description: A new landmark in hybrid gaming. The unprecedented combination of a board game with electronic miniatures and an accompanying application significantly facilitates players' experience of building a colony on an alien planet. Smart cards are "read" by RFID technology built into miniatures buildings that emit light to communicate status with the players. The colony “board” connects wirelessly with the application on your smartphone or tablet, presenting information of the statuses of both residents and the colonies. The game is a mix of realistic Hard-SF combined with transhumanism and cyberpunk. Hack the democracy of the new social order, explore the unknown planets, decide on the direction of the colony's development.